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One of our most popular lighting options is a canopy of lights. Canopies are always an elegant and classic lighting style that provides both luminescent light and a soft accent light. They are sometimes referred to as café, globe and overhead lights.

A canopy of lights can be created in both indoor and outdoor spaces. We can use existing structure for connection points or bring in our own structured support if needed. There are several different canopy styles including: starburst, zigzag, and swaged. Popular additions to a canopy of lights are our lanterns.

How much does a canopy cost?

The price of a canopy of lights is based upon the amount of light used and difficulty of installation. A typical canopy can range from $2 to $4 per linear foot of light used.


String lights are a whimsical and beautiful accent lighting option. Our string lights come in several colors and styles. String lights are sometimes referred to as Christmas lights, mini lights, and bulb lights.

String light displays can also be created in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Typically we use string lights for tents, pathways and landscaping. Examples of string lights: Mini lights in a bush or tree, outlining a tent or railing, and outlining a pathway. We are known for our amazing oak & palm tree wraps!

How much does string lighting cost? The price of string lights is based upon the style, amount of light used and difficulty of installation. A typical string lighting job can range from $1 to $2 per linear foot of light used.




Up-lighting is a term used for lights that are placed on the ground and pointed upward towards some object where the light shines on. The most common use for up-lighting is for indoor events; however they also can be used to transform the mood of outdoor events as well including tents, trees and other landscaping. We can change the color scheme of an entire space with color changing LED cans or bar lighting or conventional par can lighting that ranges from 100 watts-1000 watts each. You can choose from a wide variety of vibrant colors to set the perfect mood at your event.

We have some amazing package deals with LED up-lights. Combine multiple colors or wash an entire room in one color. We can create an amazing ambiance to any space with our LED uplights.


Looking for a way to make a dark area come to life?

Or maybe you just don’t want your cake to be hiding in a dark corner. We have both clear and colorful spot lights. With our cool technology LED spotlights, you won’t have to worry about your cake melting or your guests getting warm. Spotlights are great for centerpieces, buffets and stages.


What is a gobo? They go by a number of names, and whether you call it a gobo, lighting template, light pattern or custom projection.

Gobos are a round piece of flat glass or steel, which when placed in front of a light, projects the letters or image that is on the “gobo”. The word gobo is actually an acronym for the phrase “Goes Before Optics.” The lighting instruments allows us to focus the light and gobo by moving the lens back and forth in the lens tube. Gobos can be used for multiple projects; for example they can project breakup patterns to create texture in tents and on walls, customize dance floors or even project your company’s logo at the bottom of a pool. Most gobos are made of steel but the more complex patterns and colors can be achieved only by using glass gobos.

Gobos are a great way to customize your event by projecting lighting effects on dance floors, walls and even swimming pools! Gobos work by projecting patterns of light in specific designs ranging from an elegant monogram to an intricate and colorful design. Choose your preferred look from our stock of hundreds of standard gobo images, or send us your own custom design.

How much does a gobo cost?

Standard Steel Gobo…………………..…. $99 Standard Glass Gobo…………………….. Call for Pricing Custom Steel Gobo………………….….…. $149 Custom Glass Gobo…………………….….. Call for Pricing Rotating Gobo Effect……………………. $125

(All gobo packages come with a weighted base and stand)
(These prices do not include the set-up and removal charge)

What are steel gobos?

(Click here to see our collection of stock steel gobos)

We have hundreds of gobos in stock to choose from in our database. Stock steel gobos can be used in any solid color. They can be projected on dance floors, ceilings, tables, tents and walls. These are also called “breakout patterns” an come in a variety of both seasonal, and special effect patterns. Custom steel gobos are a great way to add a personal touch to your event for a low cost. With a custom steel gobo we can project simple text and designs in a solid color.

Do I want a glass gobo?

(Click here to see our collection of stock glass gobos)

There are numerous advantages with glass gobos versus steel. One benefit of glass is that complex images can be produced with very high quality. Another benefit is glass gobos can be come in colorful patterns. Custom glass gobos can be created with intricate designs and multiple colors.

Can I see a proof of my custom gobo?

Most gobos will look exactly like the artwork you send. However due the limitations in making a steel gobo, changes might occur. In cases where a major change is required, such as an omission of text, we will have a proof sent to you to confirm the changes. However, if you would like a proof made before the full purchase of a custom gobo, you can. Proofs are $40, which is applied to the purchase of a custom gobo, if you approve the artwork and have us make the gobo. If you make changes, however, the $40 will be charged for every revision except the last one – which will then be included in the price of your gobo. Typically, we suggest our customers get proofs if their artwork is very intricate or if they question how it will turn out when made into steel.